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Spin the cogwheels, earn money, build your steampunk machine or fidget spinner. Multiple elements to combine and upgrade! Game is now available for Android in beta version.

Game community is gathered here and in facebook group


This wiki is used as Steampunk Idle Spinner Encyclopedia. Maybe you want to read Engine , Big Cogwheel or Hammer ?

Everyone can edit and read the Steampunk Idle Spinner Wiki! If you need help about the game you can ask for help at Airapport. If you need help about the wiki you can ask DieDeutschenSpiele too.

Steampunk worlds Edit

The basic idea of the game is to let the player travel across various steampunk (dieselpunk, clockworkpunk, gas lamp fantasy) worlds throught he Portals. Right now there are two worlds available: Workshop and Clockwork City The third world, Floating Islands is in development now

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Page for suggestions, feature requests and bug reports is created

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